Roofing Services

One of the most important parts of your home or business is your roof. Leaking and damaged roofs can lead to costly long term problems.
A sound roof is key to protecting your property and maintaining its value.

At Avalon Roofing we hold a high standard of workmanship and complete satisfaction for all your roofing needs. Not all jobs require extensive work but all require ongoing maintenance. If you have concerns about any aspect regarding your roof, we will advise you on what is best for your needs and advise accordingly. A more detailed breakdown and full written quotations are free of charge as well as initial survey.

All roofs new or old come with a breathable felt membrane, fascia vent, 300mm DPC Bird stop (if needed) and cavity trays as standard.

Below are examples of the services we offer, if you don't see something relevant to you below, please contact us for further information.

  New Roofs including, Flat, Pitched and specialised jobs such as turrets, european tiling, and eye brows.  
  Strip & Re-Tile/Re-Slate  
  All roofing repairs including Emergency Storm Damage Repair and Moss removal  
  Vertical Tiling & Clay Peg Tiling  
  Flat Roof: SBS High Performance felt system  
  Single Relay (FDT) Installer  
  Soakaway Re-builds  
  Sky Light Installations Velux  
  Chimney rebuilds + Brickwork pointing  
  Roof Light and Barrell dome replacement  
  All types of lead work including, valleys, gulleys, flat & pitched roofs, boxed gutters and customised specialist jobs (see below for more details)  
Chimney Re-build
Strip & Re-Tile
Vertical Tiling Pitched Slate Roof

Lead work Services

We supply and use Lead codes 3-8, this determines the thickness of the lead, where code 3 is the thinnest and code 8 is the thickest. The thicker the lead the less likely it is to split. However, different thicknesses and shapes of the lead suit different jobs.

Lead expands and contracts throughout the year depending on seasonal temperatures, during this constant changing in size it can split. To prevent this from happening our Lead craftsmen will advise you on the most suitable size and thickness lead for the job, but at the same time delivering a competetive price that suits you. In addition to prevent splitting we use Geotextile underlay to protect the lead and patenation oil to prevent tarnish for a long lasting rich finish.

  General Repairs & Maintenance  
  Flashings, to disperse water away from Brickwork  
  Flat & Pitched Roofs  
  Boxed Gutters & Valleys  
  Highly Specialised & Custom Jobs  
  All Leadwork is finished with Patenation oil for a long lasting anti-tarnish effect  
Flat Roof
Pitched Roof
Boxed Gutter Flashing
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