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Leadwork For Roofs

We supply and use Lead: codes 3-8. This determines the thickness of the lead, with code 3 being the thinnest and code 8 the thickest. The thicker the lead the less likely it is to split. However, different thicknesses and shapes of the lead suit different jobs.

Lead expands and contracts throughout the year depending on seasonal temperatures. During this constant changing in size, it can split. To prevent this from happening our Lead craftsmen will advise you on the most suitable size and thickness lead for the job, but at the same time delivering a competitive price that suits you.

In addition to preventing splitting, we use Geotextile underlay to protect the lead and patination oil to prevent tarnish for a long-lasting rich finish.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Boxed Gutters and Valleys

Boxed Gutters and Valleys

Boxed gutters with Flexible Lead Joints call BLM Lead T-Pren Expansion Joints. This allows for expansion.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Pitched and Flat Roofs

Pitched Roofs and Flat Roofs

The best flat roof you can get, if correctly installed.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Flashing


To disperse water away from brickwork. Custom made window flashing in several designs.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Custom Hip Line

Custom Jobs

Highly specialised and customised jobs. This is a one-off custom made hip line.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Chimney Lead work

Chimney Lead Work

Chimney welded lead flashing surrounding the base area of the chimney.

Avalon Roofing | Lead Work | Lead Chutes

Lead Chutes

Lead Chutes are designed for encapsulated flat roofs with dispearse rain from flat to pitched roof.

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Our work

Examples of recent leadwork carried out by Avalon Roofing.

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Avalon Roofing | Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Discover our range of flat roof services. We use high-quality materials and waterproofing, and all our flat roofs come with a 10-year guarantee.

Avalon Roofing | Slate Roofs

Slate Roofs

Slate is an amazing, natural product and requires specialist care during installation and repair. Discover our slate roofing services.

Avalon Roofing | Fascia and Guttering

Fascia and Guttering

We supply, fit and maintain a wide range of Universal Poly-Vinyl Chloride (IPVC) products, including guttering, fascia, cladding, barge boards and more.

Avalon Roofing | Moss Removal

Moss Removal

Excessive moss can cause tile erosion on roofs, leading to costly leaks. We offer specialist moss removal and maintenance services to help prevent moss build up.