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At Avalon we are passionate about slate roofing. We are very experienced in the art of laying slate and know the longevity to this truly amazing natural product.

Slate roofs are designed to last 100 years or more. In our experience installing inferior slate is a false economy. Due to the impurities (iron pyrites) in natural slate, an inferior slate can start to perish within 30 years. There can also be an issue with maintenance of poorly installed roofs. We only supply and install premium slate.

Quality of work

We offer a 10 year guarantee for all new roofs installed by Avalon Roofing

* subject to terms. Please contact us for more information.

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Types of slate roof

One of the most important parts of your home or business is your roof. Leaking and damaged roofs can lead to costly long -term problems. A sound roof is key to protecting your property and maintaining its value.

We can advise if you’re on a budget or for the longest lasting pitched roof solution. We strongly advise checking what type of tile is being installed to your extension or roof, especially if the pitch is shallow or below 17.5 degrees.

Avalon Roofing | Slate Roofing

Advantages of a Slate Roof:


Highly Durable


Less Moss Growth (If any)


High Wind Resistant


Fire Resistant


Natural Product



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Our work

Natural slate is one of the best long lasting roofing products on the market, but it can be expensive to install and to buy. Avalon Roofing primarily supplies medium range SIGA 39 slates. SIGA 39 is an outstandingly successful first selection slate which is flat, uniform and with a consistent thickness.

With an aesthetically pleasing blue grey textured finish and excellent performance characteristics, it is the obvious choice for new builds and refurbishment projects. Minimal sorting is required which enables fast installation, contributing to its popularity. All slate in the photos are SIGA 39 slates.

Avalon Roofing can also supply other grade slates, depending on your roof’s needs. Get in touch to find out more.

Contact us on 07760 421189 or 01252 815860, or visit the contact us page.

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